Ensuring the next generation is well cared for, providing for a charitable organization you support, seeking the transfer of a business to loved ones; each demands diligent estate and trust planning.

ONBusiness can help ensure your goals are met. We’ll work seamlessly with your estate lawyer and other advisors on your estate plan to help ensure your wishes are realized.

Our Estate and Trust Planning services include:

  • Accounting and tax compliance for trusts and estates
  • Asset protection
  • Beneficiary planning
  • Business succession and buy/sell agreements
  • Financial analysis of trust documents and wills
  • Valuation services
  • Generation-skipping trusts
  • Pre and post-mortem tax planning


it can be confusing to know what final accounting and tax work needs to take place. For instance, there are final tax payments and compliance the surviving spouse or family has to take care of and in many cases, an estate arises for which tax payments and filings need to be complied with–sometimes for years.

We offer the following timely and affordable services:

  • Final personal tax return
  • Preparation of the Rights or Things return (if applicable)
  • Estate tax return preparation and filing (T3)
  • Preparation of accounting records to support terminal and estate returns
  • Financial analysis of the estate documents, wills, and asset values
  • Advice to protect the assets and beneficiaries of the estate (including post-mortem tax planning)
  • Assistance to executors to transfer the deceased business to the estate’s beneficiaries and/or sale outside the estate
  • Provision of personal financial planning to the estate and/or beneficiaries
  • Communicating and acting as a liaison with the estate’s legal and financial advisors

Let us take care of these final steps. It can be hard to see all the potential complications at first glance… So let’s take a comprehensive approach together so no loose ends are left untied.