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Succession Planning

Don’t forget your own succession plan Accountants are becoming very familiar with succession planning, and many have established themselves as specialists in this fast-growing area. But it’s important that they aren’t so busy doing succession plans for their clients that they forget to prepare one for their own firm. Statistics indicate that one in three […]

Being A Team Player

Poor relationships within the team will always reflect on morale and have been proven to impact on the bottom line. You can make or break a career or a job depending on the way you behave with fellow workers. Workplaces need to be profitable for businesses and for the people in them – and that […]

Audit Your Standards of Customer Service

So much is said in retailing about customer service but not enough is actually done about it. The goal of every retailer should be to deliver truly outstanding customer service but management in most stores – even the major chains, have no idea about the level of service they’re providing to their customers. Customers will […]

Understanding Your Competitive Edge

Analyze the competition and get ahead Author and futurist Charles M. Perrottet identified two types of businesses – eagles and ostriches. The eagles analyze their competitors and assume their competitors do the same to them. The ostriches don’t look around them and remain focused on their own activities without regard for anyone else. Most businesses […]

Build A Strong Workplace Culture

Accentuate the positive Every firm has its ups and downs, and that can have a major effect on morale. If times get tough or the firm has to drastically cut expenditures there’s often a negative emotion that grows until it pervades the enterprise. We’ve all seen places like that – the team members are moody, […]

A New Look at Customer Loyalty

What’s happened to customer loyalty? There’s an increasing trend for customers to drift away no matter how much we spend to keep them faithful. More and more they’re making their ‘buy’ decisions on the basis of price and other factors like convenience rather than tradition. Don’t give up on loyalty programs just yet, although it […]