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Where Did The Accounting Profession Begin?

A lot of people that history calls ‘accountants’ were really auditors, stewards and bookkeepers in ancient societies. Even though we have identified examples of double-entry accounting going back nearly a thousand years, as a profession, accountants have only existed since the nineteenth century. Earlier number crunchers toiling away with their quill pens by lamplight in […]

Transitioning Between Generations

The family business is often the basis of a family’s wealth. It generates the funds that feed and clothe two or three generations concurrently, and can also be something that is a source of pride and to which all family members have a deep emotional attachment. When the owner thinks about retiring or is unable […]

Something To Celebrate

As times change so does the way in which we note special occasions. We now have team members instead of ‘personnel’, and celebrations instead of what used to be unimaginatively called ‘office functions’. Some of the benefits of celebrations are: • They bring individuals together and create a community of people within the company. • […]

What Is Success?

“Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.” – Author Unknown We often talk about ‘success’ but usually don’t stop to think about what it really means. Success is different things to different people and we need to define it very carefully if we’re going to achieve it in […]

Become A Better Communicator

What is communication? The dictionary definition is usually something like: “The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior”, but it could also be characterized as “Something most of us could be a lot better at doing”. Effective communication is essential to business success. Whether it’s writing a letter to […]

10 Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Business

Even the smartest small business owner can do dumb things now and then. Unfortunately, some mistakes can kill a company. Just ask Jeff Seifried, small business coordinator for the City of Aurora, Colo., and Peter Tourtellot, chairman of the Turnaround Management Association. They, along with other experts who prefer to keep their observations anonymous, have […]

Growing Pains

Success, they say, is its own reward. In the competitive world of small business, this must be doubly true – financial benefits aside, ‘making it’ is even more satisfying if you have established and grown you business from the outset. But with success comes growth which, if not managed properly, has a tendency to quickly […]

Attention Shoppers

Successful retailing during a downturn means taking stock of your store’s appeal to the senses, providing smarter service and never, ever letting your promotional wheels grind to a halt. Shoppers decide in just a few seconds whether or not to enter your store. In an instant, they put your shop front, displays and signage through […]

Analyze The Competition And Get Ahead

Author and futurist Charles M. Perrottet identified two types of businesses – eagles and ostriches. The eagles analyze their competitors and assume their competitors do the same to them. The ostriches don’t look around them and remain focused on their own activities without regard for anyone else. Most businesses don’t know enough about their rivals […]

Making A Marketing Plan

A marketing plan clarifies the key marketing elements of a business and maps out directions, objectives and activities for the business and its employees. The marketing plan draws on the broader perspectives outlined in a firm’s business plan. The business plan states how a company will take a product idea and transform that into a […]