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Be Yourself and Sell Yourself

One way or another, business is all about selling. We have to sell to our customers, to our banks and other sources of funds, and even just when we’re meeting people for the first time in a social situation. ‘Selling’ really means just being yourself in a way that’s interesting to your audience. That’s why […]

Running Effective Meetings

A lot of people hate meetings. They have too much experience of long meetings that meander on forever and never seem to reach any conclusions that can be acted on. Team members may resent meetings because they are already working to deadlines and the last thing they need is an ineffective meeting that takes up […]

Added Benefits To Increase Sales

When someone makes a purchase they buy more than just a product or service. At the time the product or service is probably the most important element, but they also buy a range of benefits that can over the long-term become their reason for being satisfied or dissatisfied with their purchase and with your business. […]

Exporting Made Simple

Businesses considering exporting their products often talk themselves out of it because they think it’s all too difficult. But exporting is a lot easier than most businesses at first imagine, providing that a few simple ‘rules’ are observed. First, let’s remove some common myths about exporting. Myth number 1 – You have to be big […]

Eight Crimes Of Marketing

We all make mistakes in business and some are more costly than others. Here are just eight of the marketing mistakes businesses make every day. Go through your marketing plan carefully and see if any of these errors apply to you. It may not be too late to make changes. Crime no. 1 – Cutting […]

Developing A Disaster Plan

Disaster planning is based around 2 activities: 1. Critical Information Assessment, recording and preserving Secure data back up Each business has its own critical data sources though some, such as customer inventory and supplier lists, will be common to most businesses. Without them how long could a business carry on? Data such as this will […]

Can You See Your Firms Vision?

The word ‘vision’ is part of our contemporary business language, yet not every accountant can readily articulate just what their vision for their practice is. It’s not just a marketing plan, although these plans have to be based on an appreciation of a vision for the firm. The irony is that a vision is something […]

Talking To Strangers

Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers. For many business people that may not sound like their experience of networking, which is often equated with meet-and-greet functions where it’s a race to exchange business cards with as many ‘opportunities’ as possible. Identifying […]

5 Tips On Lead Management

A lead is really just raw material waiting to be turned into something of value – a customer. Achieving this requires careful management, from the moment the lead is acquired until the sale is made and a new customer joins the database. Modern lead management should be a combination of people, software and processes that […]

What Drives Us To Perform?

Hint: it’s not threats and rewards! The evidence of more than four decades of robust, global scientific research on human motivation shows categorically that there is a serious mismatch between what science knows motivates people, and what business does. Dan Pink, successful business and technology writer reveals in his fascinating book Drive: The Surprising Truth […]