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ONBusiness Buccaneers Win Dragon Boat Race

Arrrrre you ready for some good news? Dragon Boat Racing was a huge success! Collectively, the ONBusiness Buccaneers raised over $1,600 for cancer research. Our team WON in the last race…AND… we didn’t capsize!

Here’s a few words from our mighty leader Dave Terrick:

We speak of the ONBusiness “Team” so often, but getting ten of us to do a new thing at the same time in the same way proves it! You will hear more stories around the office in the coming days- we each have our own- and I hope that next year there will be a wait list to get aboard.

Perhaps my favourite moment of the event came at the conclusion of our last race when we all high-fived our competitors after pouring ourselves out of our boats: exhausted and all glowing with satisfaction of a “job” well done.

Till next year? Aye Matey

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