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New Proposed Tax Legislation for Canadian Corporations

Last Tuesday July 18, the Federal government announced proposed tax legislation aimed at curtailing certain tax planning strategies using private corporations which -in the government’s opinion- undermine the equality and fairness of our tax system.  The announcement focused on these areas: Sprinkling income using private corporations:  draft measures include the extension of kiddie tax rules […]

Customer Service Via Email

Studies consistently show low levels of customer satisfaction with the ways in which businesses use emails. Too often, companies seem to be using email as a means of avoiding other forms of contact with their customers and their customers aren’t pleased. Their most common complaints include: – No confirmation that their email had been received, […]

10 Strategies For Getting Paid On Time

If we don’t get paid, we go out of business. So with more debtors delaying payment in these tough times, taking action to collect money should be a top priority for small companies. Few small businesses can afford to turn customers away, but being timid about stretched credit terms puts your own company in danger. […]

Danger Lurks In Your Inventory

Inventories have a way of growing. The justification is usually that ‘if we don’t have it we can’t sell it’, so a connection is made that translates as ‘the bigger the inventory we have, the more sales we’ll make’. If only it were so. Inventories are usually made up of many types of stock. There […]

Biting The Bullet On Financials

While there’s no escape from preparing the financial information for a business plan, a step by step approach will help make the task less onerous. Similar to the overall business plan itself, the financial information should be divided into specific sections to ensure focus and relevance. It should reflect short-term and long term strategies, be […]

Make Your Next Presentation A Great One

It happens every so often – you’re called upon to give a presentation and suddenly stage fright begins. Relax. There are lots of things you can do to make your next public speaking job a winner and once you’ve learned them presentations will never be a problem again. Start preparing for the presentation by making […]

Be Yourself and Sell Yourself

One way or another, business is all about selling. We have to sell to our customers, to our banks and other sources of funds, and even just when we’re meeting people for the first time in a social situation. ‘Selling’ really means just being yourself in a way that’s interesting to your audience. That’s why […]

Running Effective Meetings

A lot of people hate meetings. They have too much experience of long meetings that meander on forever and never seem to reach any conclusions that can be acted on. Team members may resent meetings because they are already working to deadlines and the last thing they need is an ineffective meeting that takes up […]

Added Benefits To Increase Sales

When someone makes a purchase they buy more than just a product or service. At the time the product or service is probably the most important element, but they also buy a range of benefits that can over the long-term become their reason for being satisfied or dissatisfied with their purchase and with your business. […]

Exporting Made Simple

Businesses considering exporting their products often talk themselves out of it because they think it’s all too difficult. But exporting is a lot easier than most businesses at first imagine, providing that a few simple ‘rules’ are observed. First, let’s remove some common myths about exporting. Myth number 1 – You have to be big […]